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» You are here: Home » Freeze-Dried Foods » 130 Serving - Essential Entree Bucket Freeze-Dried Foods

130 Serving - Essential Entree Bucket Freeze-Dried Foods

Item Number: DSD589072
 Retail Price: $179.99
 Sale Price: $149.95
 You Save:  (17%)

Relief Foods 130-serving entr�e bucket is built for taste and nutritional value. Packaged in a 6.5 gallon polyethylene bucket is five of our top entr�e menu items. Delicious Rice Pilaf, Pasta Alfredo, Stroganoff, Creamy Potato Soup and tasty Orange Drink Mix will be ready to go in the event of an emergency. Providing your family nutritional options will ensure that they are well cared for. With up to a 25-year shelf life you can rest easy knowing your family will be provided for. This package is an essential addition to your food storage.


Included Inside: Rice Pilaf (30 Servings), Pasta Alfredo (30 Servings), Stroganoff (30 Servings), Creamy Potato Soup (24 Servings), Orange Drink Mix (16 Servings).

Breakfast Pouches � 0 Breakfast Servings - 0 Breakfast Calories � 0

Entr�e Pouches � 19 Entr�e Servings � 114 Entr�e Calories - 26,400

Drink Pouches - 2 Drink Servings - 16 Drink Calories � 1,600

Total Pouches � 21 Total Servings � 130 Total Calories � 28,000


  • Up to 25 Year Shelf Life
  • Made in the USA
  • Simple to Prepare
  • 100% Certified GMO Free
  • No MSG
  • Preservative Free
  • Triple Nitrogen flushed Mylar Pouches
  • Oxygen Absorbers in Every Pouch
  • Water and Rodent/Insect Protective Packaging
  • Stored in a Strong polyethylene, Space Saving, Stackable Bucket
  • Entr�e Meals Only
  • 1-Month Emergency Food � Entr�e Menu Items

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