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Survival Books

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    The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide 
The Ultimate Guide for Short–Term Survival The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide provides the essential knowledge that hikers, campers, canoeists,... more >>>
    Book- Camp Life in the Woods & The Tricks of Trapping & Trap Making 
Book Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making by W. Hamilton Gibson. Contains information on long-forgotten camping and survi... more >>>
    Sea Survival Handbook 
The Complete Guide to Survival at Sea A young child falls overboard from your boat in eight-foot seas. How will you maneuver the vessel to save him?... more >>>
    Extreme Survival Book 
An Adventurer`s Guide to the World`s Most Dangerous Places Extreme Survival is the essential guide for what you absolutely need to know before you v... more >>>
    U.S. Army Survival Manual 
Book U.S. Army Survival Manual - Revised and Updated by Colonel Peter T. Underwood USMC (Ret). 428 page hardback. Includes information on: Psychology ... more >>>
    Wilderness First Aid Handbook by Grant S. Lipman 
Covers everything from basic assessment and CPR procedures to major trauma and emergency evacuation. An important resource for those heading into the ... more >>>
    The Survivalist's Handbook by Rainer Stahlberg 
How to Thrive When Things Fall Apart. Eight chapters covering a variety of topics including: General Survival; Economic Survival; Climate Survival; Su... more >>>
    U.S. Army Guide To Military Mountaineering by The Department of the Army 
Contains information on terrain, weather and hazards. Acclimatization and conditioning. Medical considerations. Equipment packing and maintenance. Rop... more >>>
    Outdoor Survival Pocket Guide by Ron Cordes with Stan Bradshaw 
This guide is designed to help you survive a life-threatening outdoor emergency. Key topics include Navigation, Emergency Signaling with a mirror or t... more >>>
    Emergency First Aid Pocket Guide by Ron Cordes with Betty Cordes 
Fully illustrated guide helps you to be prepared for any emergency. Covers key issues including: Basic Victim Assessment, How to deal with Bleeding, E... more >>>
    U.S. Army First Aid Manual 
U.S. Army First Aid Manual. 7 Chapters. Adresses basic first aid, wound care, fractures, bites & stings, dangers of extreme heat and cold, head in... more >>>
    Badass Survival Secrets 
Essential skills to survive any crisis. A must-have for any budding survivalist. You're a backpacker or a hunter lost in the woods after sundown; wh... more >>>
    Venomous Snakes of The World - A Manual for Use by U.S. Amphibious Forces 
Department of the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. Revised and Updated by Scott Shupe. Packed full of information including: precautions to avoid ... more >>>
    Book- Bushcraft The Ultimate Guide to Survival in the Wilderness 
Book Bushcraft - The Ultimate Guide to Survival in the Wilderness by Richard Graves. Addresses all areas of survival and camping including: making rop... more >>>
    Survival Medicine Book - Emergency Preparedness For Any Disaster by Joseph Alton and Amy Alton 
The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide is the new abridged version of the bestselling book The Survival Medicine Handbook. This book is written by Ameri... more >>>
1 - 15 (of 15 products) Pages:  1 

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